“I feel that ALEKS has drawbacks that limits a students success. I am looking for a program that offers on-line learning that provides students feedback regarding their understanding. It is why I like the feature that requires students to enter their "thinking". One example is requiring students to enter the quantities above each place value location when subtracting two numbers.”
Betty Constance, Math Education, National-Louis University

“I have been impressed with how quickly and efficiently TutorIT tutorials quickly and efficiently pinpoint what individual students do and do not know and how they identify exactly the information needed for each individual to progress. … I am excited about the potential of this truly revolutionary set of technologies”
Todd Brekhus, former Vice President, Plato Learning

“As a mathematician actively involved in public school education outreaches, and a board member of Science Resources, a nonprofit group that assists homeschoolers in effective math and science education, I see tremendous promise in tutorial systems that support basic skills. --- Dr. Scandura’s tutorials … give the same interactive instruction as one-on-one tutoring, but with the added benefits of pedagogically sound design, consistency and lower costs.”
Robert Styer, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof., Math. Dept., Villanova University

“My children are going to public schools but need additional help in math – an area that unfortunately is not my major strength. Right now, I am paying $100 per month for Kumon math worksheets. Not only do I have to grade the work, however, but I have to travel a considerable distance each week to report results and obtain new worksheets for the next week. Having TutorIT math tutorials that I can download over the web, and have them adapt to my child’s needs at his own rate – is truly amazing.”
JC, Parent

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