TutorIT authoring systems come in three varieties: Customizer, EZauthor and AuthorIT. (See AuthorIT for more detail.) These authoring systems make IT possible to efficiently create intelligent, dynamically adaptive TutorIT tutoring systems. TutorIT tutoring systems not only react intelligently in real time to learner needs but unique patented technologies make it possible to develop such systems in a tiny fraction of the time it would take using any other authoring technique.

Structure of Tutoring

Based on years of research and technology development, most recently funded by the National Science Foundation, we have made and patented a major breakthrough in automating the tutoring and authoring processes. Paralleling, even exceeding one-on-one human tutoring, these technologies go far beyond traditional artificial intelligence (AI). Traditional Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) begin by making assumptions about what MIGHT be in human brains, and how that information MIGHT be used. They then try to make instructional decisions based on this hard to get information. AuthorIT and TutorIT directly address what every student must learn for success. AuthorIT and TutorIT resulting from this work represent a simpler, more robust authoring and delivery system. Contact us if you would like to become a partner and help us revolutionize the tutoring process for all students in every content area.

WARNING: Do not confuse TutorIT tutorials with the growing array so so-called adaptive or individualized instructional systems. These so-called adaptive systems begin with standard diagnostic pretests to identify general areas of strength and weakness. These test results are then used to prescribe one-size fits all Computer Based Instruction (CBI). Newer "dynamically adaptive learning systems" based on BIG DATA also miss the point. They adapt learning based on average difficulty not what individual students need to know when they need it for success. What they all lack is the dynamic human-like interactive character of TutorIT.


AuthorIT refers to a unique family of authoring systems that make IT possible to efficiently create intelligent, dynamically adaptive TutorIT tutoring systems. As shown in the diagram, authors use TutorIT authoring systems to represent the knowledge to be acquired -- what students need to learn for success with arbitrary degrees of precision. AuthorIT includes AutoBuilder used to represent the knowledge to be acquired, the Blackboard Editor used to define how TutorIT is to interact with learners and TutorIT Options used to define how that knowledge is to be delivered to any given student population. 

Structure of Tutoring

Customizer is used to customize instruction, questions, and/or feedback and/or to add/or modify voice and/or media to support TutorIT delivery.

EZauthor is used to easily and quickly create dynamically adaptive tutorials covering broad varieties of content as is the case in standardized and/or other test preparation.


TutorIT works like a skilled human tutor, probing to find out what each student knows at each point in time and delivering the information the student needs to progress precisely when it is needed continuing until the student demonstrates mastery.

Structure of Tutoring

TutorIT represents a fundamentally new approach to automating the tutoring process. TutorIT decision making is fundamentally different. It is based on new technologies that make it possible to identify and precisely represent what must be learned for success. What must be learned may range from the basic skills needed to solve well-defined math tasks to higher order knowledge needed for success in complex problem solving.

The culmination of decades of research, TutorITweb tutorials automatically adapt instruction dynamically to meet individual needs. TutorIT quickly pinpoints what any given student knows at each point in time. It then provides precisely the information that individual needs to progress. TutorITweb tutorials make it possible to guarantee learning on well-defined math skills. Any student who enters with pre-specified prerequisites, and who completes a given TutorIT math tutorial will necessarily have demonstrated mastery on that skill. More important, our unique AuthorIT development technologies greatly simplify the process, making incremental improvement a reality in ITS development for the very first time. Stay tuned.

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