AuthorIT is a unique product. It can be used to create dynamically adaptive TutorIT tutorials in essentially any area. AuthorIT makes it possible to systematically identify what students must learn for success. AuthorIT's Blackboard Editor is then used to layout the interface through which TutorIT and students interact. AuthorIT enables publishers, tutoring centers and training companies to quickly convert their own materials into dynamically adaptive (AKA intelligent) TutorIT tutoring systems. Subject matter experts, authors, tutors, trainers and/or teachers can develop TutorIT tutoring systems in their own areas of expertise.

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Authoring Systems for creating dynamically adaptive TutorIT systems

  • Customize existing TutorIT tutorials to your specs
  • Add your voice and media
  • Create dynamically adaptive TutorIT tutorials for well-defined skills
  • Quickly create adaptive test preparation systems
  • Convert print/on-line materials into TutorIT tutorials
  • Create dynamically adaptive TutorIT tutorials for ill-defined domains
AuthorIT Customizer
  • Adjust TutorIT tutorials to meet your standards
  • Add voice! Add/adjust media!

AuthorIT EZauthor
  • Quickly create adaptive test preparation tutors
  • Convert test material into tutorials

  • Convert your educational material into dynamically adaptive tutorials
  • Create state of the art dynamically adaptive tutoring systems in any area

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