TutorIT and AuthorIT build on decades of basic research by Professor Joseph M. Scandura on complex human learning and problem solving. Dr. Scandura developed the Structural Learning Theory (SLT) to provide a general, rigorous, cohesive and operational foundation for the teaching learning process. SLT integrates subject matter education, instructional design, cognitive psychology, software engineering and artificial intelligence into a coherent system. The SLT includes:

  • a systematic method for specifying the knowledge needed for success in any given content domain -- with arbitrary degrees of   precision
  • unique diagnostic technologies that pinpoint individual knowledge
  • a deterministic account of how students learn - how higher order knowledge is used to acquire new knowledge
  • intelligent tutoring logic that dynamically pinpoints what individual students do and do not know and what they need when they   need it to achieve mastery
AuthorIT makes it possible to cost effectively build dynamically adaptive TutorIT tutorial in essentially any area. The first step is to create an arbitrarily precise representations of what students need to know for success. TutoriT takes these representations and quickly determines what each student knows, not only on entry but at each stage in the learning process. Like a good human tutor, TutorIT provides precisely the information each student needs at each point in time. Unlike a human, TutorIT is available 24/7 and will continue until the student masters the content any preset criterion.

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